How to Prepare Good Resume to grab employer’s attention

A resume is the primary media that connects you with an employer. It is the representative of you when you are not present there. That’s why you need an extra care while you prepare good resume. A good resume will always serve the best.

First, be sure what are you going to make. A CV or Resume?

There are some differences between these two terms. A resume is a document that focuses on your education, work experiences, and skills. But Curriculum Vitae (CV) includes each and everything of your life. This is a Latin phrase which means “course of life”. This is broader than a resume and focuses on accomplishments and experience in detail.

Pick a good resume format:

So, if you want to make an exclusive professional resume, follow the instructions-

At first, pick a good resume format. There are three types of resume formats.

  • Reverse-chronological: Most popular and used resume format.
  • Combination: Mostly uses highly skilled professional and gives emphasis on skills.
  • Functional:  A skill-based resume format.

So, choose the best one for you and start working on it.

Parts of a good resume:

After picking the format you have to maintain the parts of a good resume. The parts are-

  • Title: This portion includes your name, present address, phone number, and professional email address. This is the first part and your name should be in bold format. A good resume contains a suitable email address. It should be a professional one. Don’t use the email address which contains any immature contents. For example, if your name is xyz, then the address should be like [email protected]. Not like [email protected].
  • Career summary: This part is for the persons who have a job background. You have to mention your previous job experiences and achievements in this part. Mention your position and duration of your services. A great resume must have this part. But if you are a fresher, this part is not for you.
  • Career objective: This part is applicable to both a fresher and an experienced person. Mention your goal of your career in this part. It is important to focus on the mentioned criteria in the advertisement when you write your career objective. Present your ideas how you can contribute to the company.
  • Experience: If you have a job background, then put this section before the ‘educational qualification’ portion. Here you should give detailed information about your past jobs. Don’t mention any information that is not significant including short experiences. Short experiences are like mockery to prepare good resume.

The information include-

  • organization name
  • designation
  • time period
  • job responsibility
  • achievements
  • Educational qualification: This part will come before the ‘experience’ part for a fresher. This section will include the name of degrees, duration of courses, name of the institutions, name of the boards, year of examinations, result publishing dates and results.

Provide detailed information:

The most recent degrees will appear first. Mention the training programs you joined earlier. Don’t forget to give detailed information about them.

  • Additional information: This part of a good resume includes-
    • Award
    • Language proficiency
    • Computer skills
  • Personal information: This is an important part of a resume. You have to mention all your personal information in this part. It includes parent’s name, present address, permanent address, religion, national ID card number etc.
  • Reference: You should mention some names in this part who know you clearly. Mention the people who’ve seen you closely and have a good reputation in the sectors. Mention their phone numbers, addresses, and emails. They work like advocates for you. Let them know that you’ve added their name as your referees. You cannot say it a good resume if it has no reference.


So, you have your resume done. Send it to your employers and wait for calls. But before you send the resume, make sure you prepare good resume with these points-

  • Your resume should not be too lengthy to create a boring situation. It should not be too short to cover everything. A good resume is always precise.
  • Use the standard sized paper to print out your resume. Better will be, A4 size white color offset paper.
  • Use a good font to make it looking good. Be careful of the spelling and grammatical mistakes. Check once again to be sure and highlight the necessary items. Don’t use colors and don’t do over-highlighting.


Good luck!!!

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